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Thank you for clicking on the ad for this book. Here’s the deal: The book is written. We’re testing titles. Just titles. Cover design comes next. I’m hoping something about this title caught your attention.

While you’re here. The book is a story about an up-and-coming leader who finds an unlikely mentor to improve his communication and leadership skills. As Chloe (the mentor) and Mack (the mentee) work through the challenges of being an effective leader and communicator, the reader sees the lessons and application in action.

In full transparency, the book is a re-brand and re-fresh of my highly rated, award winning book Sweating Bullets. While the Amazon reviewers rave, I have a nagging suspicion the slow sales are the result of a less-then-aspirational title. We’re fixing that.

So, here we are. If you’d like to be the first to own the new, fresh book click the buy button. We expect to ship by June, 2019.

Again, thank you!

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