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I'm here to help you make every conversation count.

If you're in sales, an executive or a manager, and you want to be the best communicator possible, this is the spot for you.

Each week I share ways to improve skills in presenting, speaking, and communicating.


2 Minute Tips

Better PowerPoint

Making your slide presentation more interesting is as easy as...

More photos and fewer words.

Stop the eye rolls, nodding off to sleep..

and general boredom the next time you fire up a PowerPoint presentation. Two ways to liven up the screen and make your PowerPoint a communication tool instead of a roadblock. 


2 Minute Tips


Think Charisma is only for the extravert performer? Think again!

Charisma is defined as compelling attractiveness. Do you have it? I really believe anyone can have Charisma. The recipe is three simple ingredients that have nothing to do with being an extravert (or introvert) or performing in front of a massive crowd.

It's time to unleash your charisma!

Watch the video. Then start paying attention people. How "compellingly attractive" are people are excellent at what they do, do it with child-like joy and are expressive. It's all about bringing your real, authentic genuine self to every communication opportunity.


2 Minute Tips

Be Forgettable

Bore a crowd and be sure no one remembers anything you say.

How? Simple: Facts. Figures. Data. Graphs. Bar charts. Numbers. Bullet points.  Say it and repeat it on a screen and people will check out. Let's face it, you check out just about every time a monotone voice utters a bunch of numbers and facts.

Or, be different:

Tell a story. Don't believe it? Watch the video and honestly answer Dale's question about the time you were called to the front of the class. Stories are emotional and emotion sticks. How do you tell a story? Follow the tried and true formula: Challenge. Struggle. Resolution.


2 Minute Tips

Respond to a crisis

3 steps to win at communication

Up your communication game this week with 3 things to do immediately - anytime crisis strikes. 

Face it:

We're all heading into, in the middle of, or coming out of a crisis.

It could be minor ... an argument over a misunderstanding - or - major ... a mistake at work.

Where ever on the continuum you are, these three tips get you on track to making it right and earning the reputation of a master communicator.


2 Minute Tips

Alert! Lessons from the Hawaii False Alarm

Incoming! What can we learn from the false alarm cell phone alert in Hawaii? Dale breaks it down to A, B, C. Clear communication rules the day. 

My podcast with Jason Jennings:

The Seth Godin blog:

Take your communication to the next level with my audio book:

Shot on:


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No! Don't Look at That!

You hit what you look at. It's practically a law of nature. Focus on the rock in the road and you'll probably hit it. Likewise, focus on the negative and you'll find it. Improve your communication skill with this simple, mental hack. 


2 Minute Tips

Keep Their Clothes On

You've heard the advice...

"When nervous about giving a presentation, just imagine people in your audience being naked."

WRONG! There's a much better approach.

Imagine mom in the audience.

If not your mom, imagine your most adored friend or relative.

What would they be doing if sitting in the audience while you present? Smiling, showing interest, nodding their head, leaning toward you… all non-verbal signs that they want to see you win.

Find the audience member who is behaving like your dear friend or relative would act if in the audience.

Make eye contact a few times during the presentation and feed off that positive energy. Let it grow your confidence.

The smiles will quiet anxiety. Just don’t spend too much time making eye contact. That would be creepy.

Don’t see that person in the audience?

Create it!


Smile. Smile more than you think you need to smile.

Amp up your energy. Just be you.

Human beings reflect the behavior of those around them. If I meet you and you smile at me, I’ll smile back. It’s almost impossible not to mimic the smile.


2 Minute Tips

3 Steps to Better Video Calls

Your presence on the screen makes a big difference in how well your message is received and understood.

If your eyes hover just below the bottom of the screen and bright lights blare behind your head while staring down into the lens of your camera, there’s a good chance all that distraction diminishes your story.

Make it better in three steps:

  1. Get the camera at eye level. Look into the lens, not down on or up into the lens.
  2. Be sure your face is lit and the background has few distractions.
  3. Be aware of audio quality. Check in with the person on the other end of the line: “Can you hear me?"

Just creating this mental checklist will dramatically improve your game for video calls.


2 Minute Tips

How Do I Open a Presentation?

Four ways to make a powerful first impression before saying a word.


2 Minute Tips

3 Reasons Reading Makes You Better

The saying goes: "In 5 years you'll be the same person you are today except for the books you read and people you meet."

What can a book do for your communication skills?

A lot!

Here are three reasons to read.

  1. Reading helps us grasp language, so that we can be more powerful communicators.
  2. We learn sentence structure, and we start to speak with better sentence structure. We learn more vocabulary, and we start to speak in a more concise way because we have access to the right words. This also helps us get rid of filler words and verbal crutches.
  3. We learn how to communicate with stories. More than any other communicatin device, stories help us capture the hearts and minds of audience members.

Give it a shot! Read intentionally for 15-30 minutes each day for two weeks.

Pay attention to your presentation skills along the way. I bet you get better!


I chose to listen to Thinking Fast and Slow while driving (good, but heavy).

The pile I’m reading is worthy (except for the Josh Linkner, Hacking Innovation), but nothing is grabbing me like Never Split the Difference and The One Thing (best books from my 2017 list).

If one grabs your attention, go for it!

In Cue:

Recommended listen:



2 Minute Tips

My iPhone Is Killing My Skills

Is your phone obliterating your communication skills?

Find out just how big of a pull your phone has on you.

Take the greyscale challenge.


2 Minute Tips

Sick, Twisted Individual

Does anyone really want to see you fail on stage, in front of the camera or in the middle of high stakes communication situation?

Probably not, but that's not the story our brains tell us.


2 Minute Tips

Make It Count

Use this clarifying question to tune up your communication and give people a reason to listen.


2 Minute Tips

2 Top Microphone Tips

You are asked to share important information with a group of people.

Before starting, the host asks if you want a microphone.

What do you say?

Here's the answer and you're "why."