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I'm the author of Sweating Bullets.

"Sweating Bullets: A Story about Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking" is a fable.

It's about an executive who literally sweats bullets in high-stakes communication situations.

Think: sales calls and board meetings, networking events and job interviews, public speaking and media appearances.

When I'm not writing, I enjoy speaking.  (yes, I actually enjoy speaking to groups!)

I train small and large groups how to:

  • communicate effectively
  • deliver presentations
  • build relationships with news reporters
  • pitch stories and convey messages
  • communicate in front of the camera and microphone

Executive level leaders work with me to sharpen their communication skills.

A majority of my life was spent in the broadcast news business.

As a junior in high school, I was given the keys to an AM/FM combo radio station where I powered up the transmitter at 5:45 am and opened the microphone to introduce the first song... on Sunday mornings. It's safe to say, not even my mother was listening.

Fast forward just a few years and I've added new titles to my resume: TV news reporter, anchor, and news director for ABC, CBS and NBC affiliates.

Today, Most of my time is spent in organizational leadership.

In that capacity, I'm interviewed three to four times a week for radio and television news and I deliver 50-60 speeches per year on a number of topics. When it comes to making every conversation count, I practice what I preach.

All of this keeps me sharp and ready to help you communicate with purpose.


Dale Dixon
Speaker & Mentor

Dale Dixon , author of  Sweating Bullets: A Story About Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

Dale Dixon, author of Sweating Bullets: A Story About Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking